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    At Kreative Mantra we specialize in making your Company look its best. With many years of experience we design high quality advertising material, we are the one source for all your Companies Design and Advertising needs.

    We believe to be successful, you must lead… To become a leader it takes a lot of hard work. We see to it that each and every single rupee spend in advertising and marketing need to be so effective that it should create revenue for your company. Allow us to give you the competitive edge necessary to become a leader in your marketplace. We also make it a point that your budget for advertising and marketing is valuable for us, hence, we design and create the best ideas for you.

    Our Company can generate all types of artwork. As a full service Kolkata based Advertising Agency has the ability to handle any kind of project from start to finish. Our great sales material can bring excitement, interest and vibrancy to your business as well as increased revenue. We cater your complete need to give success to your business.

    Kreative Mantra Ads Pvt Ltd can provide you with anything from basic print ad design to complete web site design , web development and hosting. We at Kreative Mantra strongly believe in More Business = More Revenue. Now that you'll have a high quality ideas for your business from us hence success for your business.

    Now is the time to take your Company’s image to the next level and Kreative Mantra can get you on the road to new and improved success in no time.We are not only productive we are effective!

  • Services

    At Kreative Mantra, we always work on innovative and pragmatic ideas. In fact, our ability to think by going out of the way is the edge we have and the edge we give to our clients to compete and to succeed. Considering requirements and circumstances, we prepare & develop the right mix of our services. The following activities is to showcase our innovationand ideas but is not limited to these only:


    • Print Media Advertising
    • Media Planning
    • Layout of Artworks / Art Pulls
    • Designing of Brochure, Posters, Pamphlets, Visiting Cards and other Office Stationery
    • Photography
    • Outdoor Advertising, Hoardings, Kiosks, Banners, Glowsigns, Canopies, etc.


    • Website Designing
    • Corporate Presentations


    • Organizing press conferences
    • Distribution of press releases
    • Event Management
    • Conducting interviews and group discussions
    • Special stories and articles


    • Organizing seminars and workshops
    • Innovative promotional activities

    At Kreative Mantra we carefully listen to the requirements of each and every clients and all our prospective clients irrespective of their budget, keeping in mind the complex and varied regional environment, and work hard on their requirements to give them and their product a success. And we project it with crystal-clear understanding and direction and our entire team do this in the best possible manner.


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